The James Webb Space Telescope is revolutionising our understanding of the early universe. As part of Webb UK I have attended festivals and events around the UK talking to the general public about the incredible extragalactic astronomy that this space based observatory will perform. I have also spoken about my research at a number of amateur astronomy groups (see here, here).

The Webb UK team at Jodrell Bank for the Bluedot Festival, 2018, 2019 and 2022


My writing has been featured in The Conversation (see here), Significance magazine (the official magazine and website of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) and the American Statistical Association (ASA); see here). As a graduate student I wrote for Astrobites, where postgraduates in Astronomy and Astrophysics write about the latest research in an accessible format for undergraduates or the public in general. You can read my posts here. I still try to get involved with Astrobites when I can; if you’re a graduate student in Astronomy looking to get involved feel free to ask me any questions!

Representing Astrobites at AAS 231


I have taught introductory Python, Astronomy and foundation Mathematics courses to undergraduate and graduate students from a diverse range of backgrounds. Supported by the South East Physics network, I have also written a course, aimed at first year graduate students, on Astronomy in Python. All of the course material is available online here.

Recently I became a certified Software Carpentries instructor. Software, Data, and Library Carpentry (The Carpentries) are programs of The Carpentries (a fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives). The Carpentries Instructors are volunteers who teach foundational computational and data skills to researchers, e.g., programming basics in R and Python, use of the command line, and version control. Housed on GitHub, all Carpentries’ lessons are open source, with an open contribution model, and lessons are collaboratively created and maintained by volunteers. Lessons are taught by Instructors in two-day workshops.